Bryan's Service LLC
5.00/5.00, based on 26 ratings; 22 user reviews

  Paul & Tabatha, 02/17/2018

Best home town service with a smile!

Love working with great clients.

  Paul & Tabatha, 01/25/2018

We are pleased with everything as always.

Thanks for being loyal clients and friends.

  Pat & Tracy, 01/25/2018

Al does a great job every time we bring our cars in. They always find a way to fit us in even when busy. Glad to know that they are always here when we need them.

Thanks Pat and Tracy we are glad to be of service.

  Paul & Tabatha, 01/08/2018

The service is unsurpassed time after time. These guys go the extra mile every single time, big or small job. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

We are here for you because of the trust you place in us. Thanks Tabatha & Paul.

  Jim & Jennifer, 12/14/2017

Friendly and trustworthy!

Thank You Jim & Jennifer we value your friendship & trust.

  NAPA Customer Satisfaction Index, 11/21/2017

Review by Jennifer Hughes: Extremely reliable. All repairs done extremely well. So friendly and helpful. I recommend them. We appreciate how fast the repairs are done when we need the vehicle.

Thanks Jennifer we are happy to be of service when you need us most.

  Jeff, 09/21/2017

Great job

Thank You Jeff for trusting us with your vehicles needs.

  Marcy, 08/15/2017

Best car service I've had in a LONG time. Great work, friendly and accommodating. Very thorough and detailed receipt. THANK YOU!

Thank You Marcy we love meeting new clients and try our best to be as accommodating as possible.

  NAPA Customer Satisfaction Index, 08/03/2017

Review by Marcy Stroman: All-around great customer service! They have earned me as a new customer. The owner acknowledged me, shook my hand and was upfront and accommodative to repairs needed. Very pleased with explanation of all repairs and estimate, and a thorough receipt. Best service ever!

Thank You Marcy we always strive to make your vehicle repair experience as pleasant as possible.

  Nan, 07/13/2017

I am new in town, and was nervous about finding a good, reputable place to take my car. Upon the recommendation of a colleague, I took my vehicle to Bryan's Service. I was treated with extreme courtesy, given great advice, received same-day service, and staff even picked up and delivered my car back to my work place! I am super-happy and impressed.

Thanks Nan. We enjoy meeting new clients and always try to WOW them as our family operated business is based on superior customer service.

  Paul & Tabatha, 07/13/2017

Thanks for being a great place to take our vehicles!

Thanks again Paul & Tabatha we value your trust and friendship.

  Paul & Tabatha, 05/04/2017

Best place to get your car worked on and have a friendly chat. Caring, honest, nice, all around good guys.

Thanks Paul and Tabatha we enjoy chatting with you as well.

  Les & Kortney, 04/20/2017

Hands Down the BEST mechanics around! Knowledgeable and reasonably priced!

Thanks Les & Kortney we appreciate the kind words and also the referrals you send our way.

  Roger & Diana, 12/01/2016

Good service and very helpful. Even looks for dead stinky mice !

Thanks Roger & Diana we try to help in any way that we can.

  Gary, 12/01/2016

No problems!

Thanks Gary we appreciate your loyalty and friendship.

  Pat & Tracy, 12/01/2016

The guys at Bryan's always do a great job. They keep my cars running well at all times. I am so glad that there is a reputable shop in this area that takes care of me so well.

Thanks Pat & Tracy we value your friendship, loyalty and referrals.

  Kendal & Manya, 11/17/2016

I really appreciate the convenience of just calling, having my vehicle picked-up, serviced & brought back! Often times on short notice as well!

Anytime Kendal Thank You.

  Glenn & Lois, 06/24/2016


Thanks Glenn & Lois we appreciate your friendship & loyalty.

  Mary, 06/09/2016

I totally trust Al and Josh to repair my car in an efficient and cost-*7effective way. I would not hesitate to recommend Bryan's Service to anyone that wants good service "with a smile." This business is a great asset to the Winsted community.

Thank You Mary for the kind words. We value your friendship and will always try our best to save you money and make each repair as efficiently as possible.

  Pam & Brian, 01/28/2016

Always available & dependable. Trustworthy....

Thank You Pam & Brian we appreciate your loyalty.